Стиль Барнхаус

Прототипы модного максималистского направления 1-этажных и 2-этажных домов от 100-150 кв. метров с панорамными окнами, мансардным этажом, мансардными окнами, различными видами внешних материалов – от металла до дерева.

Delta House
Published by archello ARCHISCENE
Project location: Kyiv region, Ukraine
Year: In process
Chief architects: Sergey Makhno, Alexander Kovpak

The stronger is the architect’s love for the project, the higher his imagination gets.
Through a red-brick fence, like a curious character, a house peers out — Delta House. 
There are a lot of glass, concrete, wood, modern art, ergonomics, and comfort.
The forms compete with each other in originality, the materials are used in the places they have never been seen before.
A blizzarding door instead of a banal gate leads to a house where they treat cars like children, and trees — like a family.
At dawns, they like to get out of bed and step on morning dew on the upper patio, and then have the best time with friends at the lower one.
The architecture of Delta House is an integral organism made of a glass skeleton; concrete muscles, and wooden skin — they evenly cover the backbone of a house and let it breathe. 
Delta House is a curious character.

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