Индивидуальные проекты

Никаких типовых серий. Только авторские идеи, лучшие мировые примеры и индивидуальные воплощения.

Наш подход к индивидуальным проектам

  • Вместе с вами выбираем прототип дома из библиотек лучших мировых проектов. Мы используем площадку архитекторов behance.net
  • В рамках выбранного стиля определяемся с размерами, планировками, внешними облицовочными материалами, инженерией.
  • Создаем 3D модель вашего дома и работаем над дополнительными изменениями, улучшениями, модификациями пока не достигнем идеала.
On the 47 private parcels in Park North, at Leidsche Rijn in the city of Utrecht, individuals can realize their own detached homes. To emphasize the park-like surroundings at this location, staggering alignments have been chosen. Thus, the lots which are directly at the boundary of the Park North have room for spacious gardens and large trees on the front. Oppositional the other plots do have precisely an extra deep backyard. Park North is a watery area. In the south it borders the historic waterway Engh Wetering. The western part is parceled out so that all these plots could be placed around a pond. In all cases the plots offer the opportunity to realize a dream home with an extraordinary spacious garden. The homes must comply with the quality plan demands made by Faro Architects.
The traditional Dutch house is designed in a modern way with clean lines and breached by abstract square window openings. This creates a strong contrast between the traditional and the contemporary. These principles have led to the dream house of the client.
The villa has an open space plan, and its spaciousness is felt everywhere. The oblique roofs are experienced in the double-height spaces. Due to the abstract square window openings a beautiful light illumination is to be seen inside the house.
Global Architects
Saturnusstraat 60, unit 101
2516 AH Den Haag
The Netherlands
0031 (0) 6 235 65 135
pictures by Donald Timmerman

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